Call for proposals: NORHED II 2021-2026

Call for proposals

NORHED II 2021-2026


Norad invites North-South-South university partnerships to submit proposals for projects on capacity development in higher education and research, through NORHED II.

Objectives: The intended impacts of the NORHED programme are:

  • Better qualified workforce

  • Applied sustainable solutions and practices

  • Evidence-based policies

  • Enhanced gender equality and inclusion

Intended NORHED outcome: Interventions under the NORHED programme are expected to enable partner institutions in developing countries to produce:

  • Higher-quality graduates

  • More and higher-quality research

  • More inclusive higher education

All projects supported under NORHED need to have a theory of change that clearly shows how the project will lead to the intended outcomes in the NORHED programme framework.

More details on the NORHED II programme, here


The application deadline is extended to Friday 26 June, 2020, at 13:00 CET.


Proposals may be for either a three-year or six-year project period.


Projects will have a tentative total budget frame of 10-20 million NOK.