Activities of the Muwatin Institute

The MA Program in Democracy and Human Rights

The courses in this program fulfil the requirements towards obtaining a Masters Degree in Democracy and Human Rights. The courses are designed to train our students in various fields including teaching democracy and human rights, working in fields of democracy and human rights.

The Arab MA Program in Democracy and Human Rights

Through the Masters Degree Program in Democracy and Human Rights, Birzeit University cooperates in the provision of the Arab MA Program  in Democracy and Human Rights organized by the University of Saint Joseph (Lebanon), in cooperation with Birzeit University (Palestine), , Carthage University (Tunisia), Rabat International University (Morocco). The programme is part of the Global Campus of Human Rights based in Venice (Italy), which organises seven regional master programmes in human rights and democracy around the world involving around 100 universities.

Muwatin organises activities and training programmes in the areas of democratic governance, the protection of human rights, and research skills.

Research at Muwatin involves theory, application and policy development, implemented under three research directions: theoretical and conceptual studies, applied research and policy studies, and theory and practice research.

Muwatin will continue the tradition of holding its annual conference organized around the principle of highlighting issues of democracy and human rights that concern the Palestinian people. The institute will also hold lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences.

It also provides consultancies, research services, and specialised expertise to the community and to relevant organisations and institutions.

The Muwatin Institute Library 

The Muwatin Library has more than 10,000 volumes and periodicals related to the issues of democracy and human rights.

The library is one of the components of the Information Centre, which includes the Website, Databases, the Resource Lab, and Audio-visual Materials.