Our Priorities

Birzeit University priorities stem from the strategic framework defining its vision, mission and values and are the guiding principles of its objectives, activities and outcomes.

  • Overcoming impediments to progress by maintaining financial independence, epistemic freedom and self-governance with the active support of our constituencies in realizing and preserving our autonomy and their active engagement in discussions of critical issues and the decision-making processes.
  • Strengthening entrepreneurialism as an integral part of university culture to guide our progress towards new possibilities and opportunities by reshaping present realities to meet future challenges.  
  • Expanding student participation and engagement as essential drivers of innovation and epistemic and entrepreneurial creativity through effective mechanisms that support students’ ideas, research projects, and initiatives. 
  • Encouraging exposure to worldwide experiences and practices to create open, inclusive de-centralized knowledge platforms that can contribute to the internationalization of the university.
  • Pursuing interaction and collaboration in developing skill sets and frameworks with the active participation of academic researchers and professional practitioners to shift the center of knowledge production and impact to the society and enable our entrepreneurial endeavors in knowledge creation, synthesis, transfer and exchange.