Quality Assurance

  • The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit  (M&EU) supports the university’s strategic objectives and ensures that all benchmarks and standards of quality are met through uniform and timely robust monitoring and evaluation of the quality assurance and enhancement processes.
  • The M&EU role is to oversee the implementation of the developed quality framework and keep it under review.
  • The unit oversees the processes of self-assessment and review of academic programs and the development and implementation of evidence-based assessment in cooperation with Institutional Research and the Information and Procedures Units, and monitors the implementation of the improvements and recommended findings.

Academic Quality Assurance Documents and Templates

Institutional Effectiveness Manual 

This institutional effectiveness manual (IEM) demonstrates and documents the institutional quality standards, processes and procedures developed by Birzeit University (BZU) to ensure its commitment to maintaining quality education while fostering continuous improvement of its provisions and outputs. The IEM provides a list of assessment standards that underpin the university’s academic quality enhancement and institutional effectiveness. It provides clear procedures, processes and guidelines to those involved in the academic quality enhancement and in the institutional effectiveness. The manual takes into account the requirements of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC), the Palestinian national agency, for licensure, re-licensure, accreditation, re-accreditation.

The manual is aligned with international criteria if and when external accreditation for existing academic programs is pursued. It also meets the minimum threshold requirements to pursue international certification for quality management systems for any interested department.More

Related University Laws and Regulations

Internal Quality Templates

- Program Specification Template for Undergraduate Programs

- Program Specification Template for Graduate Programs

Course Specification Template

- Course Assessment Plan



Supporting Materials for Academic Staff

Institutional Effectiveness Presentation 

Program Specification Presentation 

Writing Learning Outcomes Guide 

Course File Presentation 

ANQAHE Quality Assurance Glossary 

AQAC Documents

Licensure and Accreditation Manual 2015

New Academic Program Application

Other Documents

Palestine National Education Priorities

Quality Assurance Manual for Arab Universities 2017, issued by the Council of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, Association of Arab Universities