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Birzeit University

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Research & Projects

Ranging from basic and applied research to capacity development and curricular reform  in collaboration with local, regional and international partners.

Highlights of Birzeit University’s research publications in January 2018

Ten papers authored by Birzeit University’s researchers – joined by prominent scholars and researchers from around the world.

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Student Community Work
Our flagship program giving students the opportunity to make a difference to their surrounding and gain invaluable experiences and exchanges.
Right to Education
Founded in 1988 by BZU community to expose the violations of human rights and obstruction to education by the illegal Israeli Occupation.
Joint initiative between Windsor & Birzeit universities inspired by “human dignity” with a focus on youth participation in shaping the future.
International Summer Work Camp
Since 1981, the camp brings together local and international youth for a unique experience of Palestinian culture, politics and language. Apply today.

Our students have...

  • freedom of expression
  • quality education
  • stronger career opportunities
  • space for creativity

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