A Bastion of Democracy

Maen H. Saa (32681) 18 Jul 2018
How Birzeit University’s Student Council elections became the gauge of Palestinian politics Back in the summer of 2015, when I was a student in my third year at Birzeit University, a group of American and European graduate students came to visit the university’s campus as part of a student-exchange program. Being an English major who, ostensibly, could hold a conversation in English, I was invited to welcome the students and guide them on a tour of the campus, to be followed by a Q&A session on anything and everything they had in mind. Now, if you’re an international student...
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Palestine still the issue: Reflections on my recent visit to Birzeit University

Claudia Chaufan (32457) 25 Jun 2018
I find it hard to believe that my recent visit to Birzeit University (BZU) lasted only five weeks – the hills, the sky, the soft, sandy colour of local stones, the colleagues who hosted me, the students I connected with, they all feel so familiar, as if I had known both people and landscape for a long time. And yet it was indeed only five weeks! I arrived in BZU early May, in the company of my husband Julian Field, thanks to an academic scholarship provided by the Fulbright Commission, yet in no small part as well thanks to the effort and hospitality of Prof. Randa Nasser, her colleagues...
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40 Years of Fobzu: a history of supporting Palestinian education

Fobzu (31315) 12 Jun 2018
Since 1978, Fobzu has been working to promote the advancement of Palestinian education under occupation and in exile. Over the past 40 years, Fobzu has furthered the cause of Palestinian education by raising awareness in the UK about the needs of Palestinian students and academics and their struggle, supporting educational projects and providing scholarships and bursaries to students in financial need. 40 Years of Supporting Palestinian Education During its early years, Fobzu supported Birzeit University by raising awareness among the UK academic community about the difficulties of...
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Meet Birzeit University’s Dream Team

Dream team (32216) 26 May 2018
We are Duha Abdallah, Hadeel Salameh, Habsa Awawdeh, Samera albalawi, and Daived Habash, the Dream Team. We are a group of marketing students whose dreams went beyond the requirements of the Public Relations course that banded us together.  The Public Relations course, MKET231, requires a group of five students to present an Important Final Project, so we decided to improve society in a way that cannot be forgotten. We came up with a remarkable idea to help students at Birzeit University make a name for themselves. The idea, named BZU’s Got Talent, will create massive buzz once it...
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A Student in the Late Sixties

Albert Aghazarian (31850) 2 May 2018
I studied at Birzeit College between 1968 and 1970. In 1968, there were about 168 students total (freshmen and sophomores, arts and sciences), and in 1969, about 196. So it was like an extended family, and in fact it was the first setup when we could experience the multiplicity of Palestinians in terms of geography and class. We had students from Gaza and Nablus, it was a coeducational school, which added to the flavor of the place, and it focused on lots of cultural activities. Gabi Baramki and Tania Nasir organized the production of Gilbert and Sullivan musicals like “Trial by Jury”...
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Joint Friends of Birzeit University and student union officers' statement in support of the Right to Education for Palestinians

Fobzu (31315) 26 Mar 2018
Following the storming of the university and abduction of the President of the Student Council, Birzeit University, the Right to Education in Palestine and Palestinian students have called for the support of students and academic communities worldwide to stand up in defence of their right to education. Please join us in showing your solidarity at this critical moment. On Wednesday 7th March in the mid-afternoon, armed IDF units in civilian clothing forced their way onto Birzeit University campus. One unit detained university security guards, confiscated their weapons and began firing...
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Education, and Decolonization: On Not Reading Ibn Khaldun in Palestine

Majid Shihade 16 Dec 2017
Western hegemony, colonization, imperial and neocolonial domination over the Third World has been sustained through knowledge production that has become hegemonic on a global scale since the rise of western modernity. I argue that settler colonialism in Palestine took place and has been maintained through that structure. Formal independence of previously colonized countries has not led to real decolonization, not only because these countries continued to be economically and otherwise dependent on Western powers, but also importantly if not more so, due to dependency on knowledge produced...
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Social Suffering, The Painful Wounds Inside

Rita Giacaman (11054) 21 Feb 2017
As I write these lines, I think about the survivors of war in Aleppo, Syria, enduring desperate conditions. What is it like to witness the destruction of homes, the world, history, and identity, and become refugees or displaced persons? How does this social suffering caused by war manifest itself in health and well-being? My colleagues and I at Birzeit University, supported by discussions with Lebanese, Syrian, and Iraqi academics from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut, have developed an understanding of the effects of war on health, grounded on the...
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The Two-State Solution’s Silver Bullet

Sam Bahour 16 Jan 2017
If the international community cannot come to recognize the State of Palestine before Trump takes office, the State of Palestine may ultimately be reconstituted from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.   By Sam Bahour   If the international community, led by the U.S., is serious about preserving the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the upcoming French-hosted international peace conference is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reframe the way forward. Recognizing the State of Palestine would politically contribute to ending Israel’s nearly 50-year...
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Education as a Political Practice Towards Gender Equality and Social Justice

Eileen Kuttab 9 Jan 2017
Women activists neither pause nor wait nor neglect available opportunities or openings for change. They use them, expand them, or create alternative spaces through their daily coping and resistance strategies. Women’s struggles against colonialism, patriarchal domination, discrimination, violence, and exploitation extend from home to work, passing through economic, social, legal, and political systems of discrimination, confronting structural as well as cultural obstacles, by opening new boundaries that make opportunities for positive change a reality for all. As a founding member and...
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