Government and Local Government

This masters program is seeking to cover the gap in the Palestinian public service and non- governmental market by providing both sectors, and also their partners from the private sector, with experts who own knowledge, practical skills and experiences. The program addresses capacity building, research skills, analytic and planning skills of public servants and nongovernmental organizations’ leaders. The program specifically addresses the topic of good governance and national development planning, local development and sustainability.

  1. Providing students with theoretical frameworks of public administration and public policy making and implementation through multi- focused tracks; legal, political and administrative.
  2. Responding to challenges of public service work through providing multi-disciplinary research dimensions in government and local government, and public policy.
  3. Enriching government and local government based research with focus on strategic planning and budgeting.
  4. Preparing and equipping students with public policy related skills (making, implementing evaluating and analyzing) that can contribute to Palestinian public policy reform.
  5. Equipping students with necessary skills for public financial analysis and economic policy affairs.

Graduates of the program are expected to contribute to providing public and non-governmental sectors with well and highly qualified experts who can lead and take part in national and local sustainable development planning and implementation. 


Intended Outcomes

  1. Graduates qualified with distinguished research skills that can contribute to solving public problems.
  2. Graduates that can lead policy making, implementation, evaluation and analysis; and capable to connect theory with practice.
  3. Graduates who are capable to conduct scientific policy analysis to help policy makers.
  4. Graduates who are capable to conduct national and local strategic plans that respond to real challenges.
  5. Graduates who are well equipped with leadership skills that leads comprehensive public sector reform process 
  6. Graduates who understand and believes in good governance and public service ethics and able to use it in public jobs. 
  1. Public agencies and institutions employees, managers and leaders
  2. NGOs leadership and management
  3. Financial analysts
  4. Policy making supporters and consultants
  5. Local governors, leaders and developers
  6. International NGOs consultants
  7. Leaders of public positions elections’ campaigns
  8. National and local development based by Researchers
  9. Academic professors

The Academic plan is available in Arabic