Community Psychology

The Master Program in Community Psychology aspires to:

Provide a more comprehensive combined level of training in understanding the causes of psychological well-being and unwanted psychological conditions,

To implement a wider range of  culturally and socio-politically specific intervention measures and strategies which are needed to promote more positive lives for people, and

To develop clinical and research skills defining health along a broad continuum of mental and physical well-being that extends beyond the simple absence of pathology or disease, but  rather places a particular focus on understanding the interactive role  of environmental influences on psychological well-being.   

  • To prepare graduates for the continuation of their education into the doctoral level in psychology and relevant fields.
  • To contribute to Birzeit University’s involvement in local community development, well being and empowerment.
  • To develop and establish a high quality research program at Birzeit University that combines theory and previous research with context specific issues in Palestine.
  • To establish joint community psychology research projects involving Palestinian and international faculty members and graduate students, focusing on the Palestinian context as well as cross- cultural studies.

To graduate psychologists equipped with a multi-disciplinary knowledge and approach, for working in local communities, schools, organizations, and hospitals.

  • Supervisors for school counselors.
  • Hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, and youth organizations
  • Non-government organizations targeting marginalized communities and community intervention.
  • Centers for battered women and abused children.