Media Development Center wraps up second training session of media spokespersons

Birzeit University’s Media Development Center (MDC), in cooperation with the German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Society for International Cooperation, GIZ) and the Palestinian Police Department, wrapped up the second training workshop for media spokespersons.

Nibal Thawabta, the director of (MDC), and Emad Alasfer, MDC’s coordinator of the monitoring and evaluation department, facilitated the training session that was attended by ten police officers.

During the training, the police officers were introduced to the communication tools and skills as well as the personal qualities required to allow them to share their messages clearly and efficiently with their audience.

The workshop tackled different themes, including the role of media spokespersons in an institution, qualifications for media spokespersons, media discourse, preparing media discourse, and preparing for radio and TV interviews.

Thawabta explained the importance of empowering the police with essential techniques to enhance their media presence on various media platforms. She stressed the need for having informed and professional media channels that can disseminate information through written texts, radio, and TV.

Munir Talabani, the assistant director-general of police for operations and training, expressed his gratitude to Birzeit University’s efforts in organizing training courses that target governmental institutions, in general, and the police in particular. He called upon MDC to continue conducting such training sessions further to enhance the knowledge and skills of the police.

Such training, according to Talabani, will enable police employees to build stronger ties and better serve the Palestinian public.

Claire Aanes, speaking on behalf of the project manager of the project titled Strengthening Police Structures, asserted that it is crucial that the police are able to communicate effectively with the public.

Ruba Kaileh, the coordinator of training activities at the Palestinian police, pointed out that this training is the second of its kind organized by MDC and targeting the Palestinian police. MDC had organized a similar training workshop in October 2019, Kaileh added.