Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals, Samih Darwazah Institute for Pharmaceutical Industries to cooperate in research and development

A team from the Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Company visited the Samih Darwazah Institute for Pharmaceutical Industries and met with its administrators to discuss possible channels of cooperation. The visit fits neatly with the university’s vision to strengthen public-private partnerships. 

Attending the meeting were Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Board Member Dr. Iyad Masrouji, Technical Director Dr. Lina Masrouji, Deputy General Manager Rami Al-Kotob, Assistant Technical Director Najeh Dmaidi, Research and Development Director Dr. No’man Malkiyah, and Factory Manager Mohammad Al-Bazzar.

The group met with Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions, Dr. Rania Abu-Hamdah, Director of the Samih Darwazah Institute Dr. Hani Ishtayeh, Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Dr. Lina Adwan, Professor of Pharmacy Dr. Moammal Qurt, and Professor of Pharmacy Dr. Feras Qanaze.

Dr. Ishtayeh gave a brief presentation on the institute’s capacities, equipment, devices, and cadre of professionals. He also alluded to the institute services that can be provided to pharmaceutical companies. The two sides then explored possible areas for cooperation, such as developing new pharmaceutical drugs, organizing training courses, and developing new methods of analysis.

The Samih Darwazah Institute for Pharmaceutical Industries is in the process of attaining certification from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, after which it will be the only center in Palestine equipped to provide pharmaceutical drug development services and research projects for the private sector. The institute also offers many services for the general pharmaceutical sector in Palestine such as training courses, pharmaceutical drug registration, drug analysis, stability studies, and pharmaceutical studies and research projects.

Dr. Iyad Masrouji praised the institute’s capacities in terms of its infrastructure and human resources, as well as the myriad of cooperation opportunities between Birzeit University and the pharmaceutical industry. The two teams agreed to immediately set into motion a detailed plan for cooperation.

“The institute is more than ready to support and provide excellent services to the Palestinian pharmaceutical industry,” said Dr. Rania Abu-Hamdah.