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The Arabic Ontology

A linguistic search engine with 150 multilingual lexicons and a linguistic ontology for Arabic that contains the world’s largest Arabic lexical database.

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EMBO YIP Conference: “Physics of Life”

Aiming to identify common interests that can form the basis for collaborative interactions between Palestinian students/academics and EMBO and UCL scholars in the years to come.


Research & Projects

Ranging from basic and applied research to capacity development and curricular reform in collaboration with local, regional and international partners

A new approach for software fault prediction using feature selection

By: Majdi Mafarja & Others

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Innovative students launch ‘Popcorn’ initiative to help tackle pressing societal issues
which promotes community-led measures to solve issues and problems that affect Palestinian society..
International Summer Camp 2019
Since 1981, the camp brings together local and international youth for a unique experience of Palestinian culture, politics and language. Apply today
Celebrating International Volunteers Day with hike through Birzeit town
International Volunteers Day, aims to promote volunteerism and recognize volunteers worldwide..
Right to Education Campaign
Founded in 1988 by BZU community to expose the violations of human rights and obstruction to education by the illegal Israeli Occupation.

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