Lecture ties etiquette with success

Business etiquette consultant and trainer Haifa Shawwa spoke about professional etiquette as the path to better opportunities in a lecture held on March 4, 2017 organized by the Faculty of Education at Birzeit University.

According to Shawwa, professional etiquette is fundamental for progress excellence and success. It provides unfailing techniques for getting along with others and attracts more customers to a business.

Shawwa also assured that a good, confident attitude is highly important while representing academic and scientific institutions in academia.

Shawwa said that first impressions have a big role in defining the relationship a person will have with the other. "Research shows that it takes only three to three seconds to impress someone or not. Body language plays a large role in defining the impressions you're giving to the person you are communicating with."

"Our dress code, voice, language and conversation skills say much about us. Professional dress codes, a very important topic in the field of image and etiquette, may vary according to diverse work settings," she added.

Haifa Shawwa is a consultant, speaker, and international trainer of business etiquette, protocol, and children’s etiquette. She provides customized etiquette training to banks, hospitals, organizations in the public and private sector, universities and schools in Palestine and other Arab countries. As a published writer, she promotes etiquette by writing articles for international and regional newspapers, e-papers, and weekly columns.