Israeli Studies

Our mission is to provide Palestinian and Arab academic knowledge production with researchers capable of contributing original, critical knowledge about the various aspects of Israeli society. At the core of our educational philosophy is to strengthen critical awareness of power, hegemony, and the moral-political aspects of knowledge production in confronting occupation, settler colonialism and violence. 

  • To train scholars for researching and writing about the various (political, security, economic, social, cultural) aspects of Israeli society and its settler-colonial structure, and understanding its international and regional contexts, and its impact on the Palestinians and the Arab region.
  • Provide our graduates with excellent academic research, theoretical, and critical-thinking skills.
  • Contribute to the general knowledge and public debates within the university community and the community at large.

We expect our students to have a good sense and knowledge of:

  • Judaism and Jewish history at large.
  • Modern Zionist identity production, its ethnic tensions, and its settler-colonial context.
  • The history of Zionist settlement in Palestine and its impact on the Palestinians, and the Arab-Israeli struggle.
  •  The basic debates on the various aspects of Israeli society, culture, law, ideology, politics, military and security apparatus, views on international and regional relations, settlements and occupation, etc.
  • Understanding power-discourse relations and developing a critical Arab and Palestinian perspective on Israeli studies.
  • Using Hebrew sources in academic research.
  • Understanding and applying the various research methodologies.
  • Excellent skills in academic writing and criticism.

Our graduates will be qualified to seek jobs at:

  • Research institutes in Palestine and in the Arab region.
  • Various media organs and newspapers.
  • Official government bodies and international organizations