Testing Laboratories Center

Established in 1982, the Testing Laboratories Center (TLC) offers services and conducts research in the field of environment health and toxicology, environmental education, pharmaceutical and veterinary drugs, food, animal feed, water and wastewater, petroleum products, lubricating oils, soil and concrete.

In 1993, BZUTL stated working in Gaza strip in the field of water and wastewater,  In 1998, BZUTL became the first institution in Palestine to obtain the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

The aim of BZUTL is to support the Palestinian community through offering services in the field of quality control of various products and commodities, researches and studies. These services include quality analysis of locally manufactured and imported products, conducting researches and studies for the sake of consumers protection and conservation of natural resources, conducting educational programs, and projects that help in developing the community anywhere in the country.

In order to achieve this, BZUTL works in three main areas:

  1. Testing and quality control, which covers almost all products, consumables and commodities available in the Palestinian market to protect consumer health. Moreover, supporting the Palestinian national economy through  contribution in the development of the industrial and agricultural sectors. BZUTL also support the conservation of the environment and natural resources.
  2. Training Development Projects: BZUTL perform and/or participate in implementing various development and community outreach projects aiming to promote sustainable development. Moreover, it offers the local community a wide range of theoretical and practical training for farmers, lab technicians, people working in the field of environment and health.
  3. Supporting Scientific Research: BZUTL support students and researcher in conducting scientific research through undertaking the lab analysis and the practical training  on the analytical equipment available at the center.


BZUTL runs two facilitates.  The first is at Birzeit University, where the administration and the main laboratories are housed. The second is in Gaza City where the environmental laboratories and offices are located.  BZUTL consists of several units, developed based on the needs of the Palestinian community, and offer a number of unique services on the national level. BZUTL operates the following Units:

  1. Pharmaceutical Safety Unit: This unit is responsible for the monitoring of the quality of pharmaceutical and veterinary drugs available in the Palestinian market.  BZUTL works closely with pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs and monitor residual solvents in raw materials.
  2. Food Safety Unit: This unit performs quality checks and contamination tests on human food, including bottled water, as well as animal feed.
  3. Environmental Health and Water Unit: This unit conducts research and provides services in the fields of water and wastewater, pesticides and their impact on health and the environment, heavy metals and organic contaminants, solid waste management, as well as pesticide-related studies.
  4. Petroleum Products and Lubricating Oil Unit: This unit was established in 2004 to monitor quality of petroleum and lubricating oils products in the Palestinian market according to international standards.
  5. Soil and Concrete Unit: This unit conducts regular testing and research of soils, concrete, asphalt and iron.