Workshop - Sustainability Research in Engineering Education

Faculty of Engineering and Technology Master ProgramSUSTAINABLE ENGINEERING IN PRODUCTION WorkshopSustainability Research in Engineering Education Sustainability is satisfying the needs of the recent generation without influencing the future generations. Research Based Education (RBE) or Project Based Learning (PBL) is the education process focused on using the research projects as the core for the teaching and learning activities. The idea is to tackle researches related to implementing sustainability and resource efficiency in Engineering Education. Learning assessment is done by writing progress and final reports on the advancement of the research and the obtained results. This type of education is implemented mostly in the advanced and post graduate academic engineering courses. This method is targeted in teaching of the courses of Sustainable Engineering in Production taking real cases from the local Palestinian market as cases and projects to study and discuss. The curriculum of the Master program of Sustainable Engineering in Production will be presented in the workshop. Speakers:1-      Dr. Ahmed Abu Hanieh2-      Prof. Afif HasanAgenda:13:00 – 13:30              Registration13:30 – 14:00              Speaker 1 (Dr. Ahmed Abu Hanieh)14:30 – 15:00              Speaker 2 (Prof. Afif Hasan)15:00 – 15:20              Coffee break15:20 – 16:00              Discussion16:00 – 16:30              Closure  and recommendations

5 كانون الأول 2015
Birzeit University, Aggad Building for Engineering, Aggad 315
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