The Implementation of a Fully Integrated Phase Locked Loop at 61.44GHz for High Speed Wireless LANs

The Electrical Engineering Department in Birzeit University is
pleased to invite you to attend a lecture on:

The Implementation of a Fu
lly Integrated Phase Locked Loop at 61.44 GHz for High Speed Wireless LANs
Presented by:
Dr. Atheer Barghouthi


Atheer Barghouthiwas born in Ramallah, Palestine, in 1981. He received his BSc in electri
cal engineering in 2004, with distinction, from Birzeit University in Pal
estine and received his MSc in microelectronics and microsystems from Hambu
rg University of Technology, in Hamburg, Germany, in 2008 with distincti
on. In 2012, he received his PhD from Dresden University of Technology, i
n Dresden, Germany, in the field of RF circuit design. Atheer’s research
focused mainly on designing integrated circuits for wireless and optical co
mmunication transceivers.

A Fully Integrated Phase Locked Loop at 61.44
GHz for High Speed Wireless LANs

The availability of a large unlicensed
bandwidth at the 60 GHz band combined with the ever increasing need for hig
her data rates encouraged the research community to investigate wireless tr
ansceivers at this frequency band. The EASY-A project investigated two kind
s of applications in the 60 GHz band. The very high rate extended range app
lication (VHR-E), which targeted a data rate of up to 4 Gbps within a rang
e of 10 meters, and the ultra-high rate cordless (UHR-C) application, whi
ch targeted a data rate of up to 10 Gbps within a range of 1 meter. At highfrequencies the gain of amplifiers becomes more challenging and more diffi
cult to achieve. In addition, at higher data rates, high order modulationschemes might be necessary, which makes the phase noise specifications ofPLLs more difficult to be met. Therefore, advanced technologies which ca
n handle the high speed of operation and can still have the high integratio
n level, low cost advantage are required. SiGe BiCMOS technologies are oneof the best options for such applications.

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