The Dilemma of Anthropogenic CO2 Emission: Scientific & EngineeringChallenges of its Mitigation

تتشرّف دائرة الفيزياء بدعوتكم لحضور محاضرة علمية
تور حمدالله بعيرات
Hamdallah A. Béarat, PhD

School for Engineering o
f Matter, Transport, & Energy, Fulton Schools of Engineering, Arizona S
tate University, Tempe, AZ, USA
Currently, Visiting Professor, Depart
ments of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, An-Najah National University,
Nablus, Palestine

تحت عنوان:
The Dilemma of Anthropogenic CO2 Emission
: Scientific & Engineering Challenges of its Mitigation

Saturday, 22 o
f November at 13:00 in SCI 240

As fossil fuels use contin
ues to grow, the climatic and environmental effects associated with increa
sing anthropogenic CO2 emissions are of increasing concern. A potentially v
iable alternative is carbon dioxide sequestration. Several approaches are b
eing considered, including geological, ocean and terrestrial sequestratio
n, as well as converting CO2 into useful materials.
In this talk, the d
ilemma scale-cost-permanence of CO2 mitigation shall be discussed through c
omparison of different sequestration approaches. Major focus shall be givento mineral carbonation processes which make the essence of both mineral (a
bove-ground) and geological (under-ground) sequestration as well as a numbe
r of novel CO2 utilization technologies. Three examples of CO2 utilizationstechnologies shall be discussed: (i) enhanced geothermal systems for renew
able energy; (ii) ground consolidation in unstable soils under existing bu
ildings and for new construction; (iii) development of novel and cost effe
ctive concrete products as building materials. Finally, use of the powerfu
l synchrotron in situ X-ray studies of mineral carbonation processes under
extreme conditions shall be demonstrated.

22 كانون الأول 2014
SCI 240
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