At the end of his tenure, KAS Palestine Representative asserts strategic ties with university

At the end of his tenure, Marc Frings, the former representative to the Palestinian Territories of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) visited Birzeit University president Abdullatif Abuhijleh and emphasized the solid, long-standing partnership of KAS with Birzeit University on September 23, 2019.

Attending the meeting were Asem Khalil, the university’s vice president of community affairs,  Lorde Habash, the director of Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Relations, Reem AlBatmah, the director of the Institute of Law, and Jamil Salem, an academic researcher at the institute.

Abuhijleh paid tribute to Frings’ dedication towards building long-term bridges in education and research between Birzeit University and higher education institutions in Germany. He hailed the vibrant relationship that the university and KAS have enjoyed over the years.

Frings discussed how both parties can further deepen their partnership and offer learning and student exchange opportunities for study in Germany to a larger number of students. He pointed out that KAS will remain a long-standing donor to Birzeit University and wants to move forward with its partnership.

KAS, according to Frings, is planning to send delegations to Palestine to learn about the Palestinian cause and culture, encourage a continuous dialogue between nations, and promote peace, democracy and justice.

Frings will finish his term in Palestine after four years this month. Offering political education, Frings together with his team has supported lectures, seminars, and local and international conferences as well as training sessions, especially in the fields of international relations, the rule of law, and justice. For example, KAS has supported for three years in a row the organization of Ibrahim Abu Lughod’s international conference “Palestine in a Changing World,” and has offered student exchange opportunities and visits to Germany.