Youth For Social Action

The development of the Leadership and Active Citizenship program took three years and an additional year of assessment, conceptualization, and planning.  During the preparatory stage, the team prepared a situation analysis and a stakeholder analysis.  This was followed by the development of the theory of change which included problem analysis and the intervention logic of intended results and methods.  Risk analysis and financial planning were the next essential steps.

Youth for social action represents the entire development of the third tier of the program which includes the following components:

  • Curricula development for social entrepreneurship: toolkit consisting of facilitators' guidebook, facilitation manual, and student workbook
  • Recruitment and training of in-house and external facilitators
  • Mapping, orientation, and induction of community partners
  • A pilot run of the social entrepreneurship training program targeting youth
  • Scaling up through cascade training
  • Social entrepreneurship competition organization


Tasmeem Competition for Social Innovation
Preparing a critical mass of SE facilitators