Wahbeh Musa Suliman Musa

Computer. Dept.

Birzeit University

Birzeit - P.O. Box 14


Tel: 9958389, Mobile: 0597350550

Email : [email protected]


Date of Birth 29/02/1952



  • Ph. D  Candidate                                                                            1981

City University of NewYork - New York



  • M. Sc. Computer Science                                                               1980

City University of NewYork - New York



  • B. Sc. Mathematics                                                                          1974

          University Of Jordan - Amman



Experiences (Academic & Practical):

* Chairman of the Computer Science Dept. at B.Z.U.                             1999 – 2000

* One of The authers to Technolog text book for grade 11 and grade 12

* Lecturer at Birzeit University (courses math. & computer)                 1981-present

* Coordinator to computer science program - Birzeit University            1995

* Head of the computer committee that established the major

computer science program at Birzeit University.

* A part timer lecturer at Jerusalem Open University(part time)             1990-1994

* I established Minor specialization in computer science                        1986-1987

at B.Z.U.

* Member in computer committee at Birzeit Uinversity                        1981-1986

* Chairman of the the committee mentioned in the previos point.         1986

* A part timer instructor at Schmidt Girls college Jerusalem                1975-1978

* Instructor at City College of the City University of N.Y                     1978-1981

* Instructor at Al-Hashemia Secondary School                                       1974-1978

Ramallah-Al Bireh

* Instructor at Al Omeh Collage – Al Ram (part time)                           1986-1989

  • Consultant of Palestine Insurance Company                                  1997-
  • Consultant of jerusalem Electricity Company                                1984-1990
  • IT Manager of Jerusalem Pharmaceutical Company                      1999-2010
  • Designer of  accounting system - computer program

 ·Designer of Sharing system  - computer program

 ·Owner of New Sadem Company for Software developments

 ·Owner of Narjis Company for Informatiom Technology

 ·Chairman Of Alhaditheh Charity Association


Cources Or Workshops Attended:

  • A course in networking(60 hours)                          1995
  • Couses in Oracle Databases                                    1997
  • A course in DBA                                                     1998
  • Web Page Design Courses                                      1997-2000
  • A workshop in Java                                                 2000
  • Two Courses in Unix (administration)                   1999
  • Sisco workshop (Regional Academy Program)     1999
  • MCAD
  • MCSE
  • Computer validation

Computer Languages I Know Well:


Databases I know well :

      Paradox, Oracle Database,Access database, Dbase3, Delphi,FoxPro.

SQL server

Operating  Systems:

      UNIX, DOS, Windows2003 server, Windows 2008, Novel netware.



      Reading, Developing software packages, football, and other sports.