Social Sciences

Nurturing a new generation of students in the social sciences able to produce new knowledge about the Arab world and Palestine from an Arab and Palestinian perspective.

  • The main objective is to establish a strong academic program that will nurture the emergence of a new generation of social scientists and researchers capable of producing new knowledge about the Arab region from an Arab and Palestinian location.
  • Establishment of a vibrant community of scholars in Palestine who are able to contribute to the enhancement of undergraduate and graduate education and research in the social sciences;
  • Development of new theoretical insights, research paradigms, and research questions relevant to the study of the Arab and Palestinian contexts;
  • Providing opportunities for doctoral studies in Palestine for those unable to pursue their studies abroad;
  • Collaboration between scholars in the various social science disciplines through work in the Ph.D. program, both locally and internationally.
  • Gaining diverse and interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Ability to link theory with both historical and contemporary empirical cases
  •  Ability to conduct multi-dimensional analysis
  • Critical thinking and synthesis of different theoretical paradigms
  • Production of new knowledge through research papers and the dissertation
  • Ability to communicate ideas systematically and clearly both orally and in writing.

University teaching; work in research institutions; work in the public sector; work in specialized community institutions

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