Physical Education

The Physical Education program seeks to provide a distinctive quality of educational service, qualification of a graduate with highly efficiency in performance, has theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and able to conduct scientific and applied researches in the field of sports; that contributes in building the knowledge society through social partnerships.

The main objectives of the program are as following:

  • Preparing high-level, professional cadres in the field of physical education that works to raise the level of athletic achievement, and the development of the sports movement to fulfill the needs of sports institutions such as schools, clubs, universities, institutes and fitness centers in Palestine.
  •  Upgrading the capabilities of students to link theoretical concepts associated with sports management sciences to applied practical aspects and its application in the various Palestinian sports institutions.
  • The developing of sports training in Palestine in terms of good selection, development of involuntary and psychological qualities, kinetic analysis, and the preparation of short, medium, and long term training programs for juniors and adults of both sexes.
  • Developing social relations, addressing misconceptions about physical education, and minding the sports of disabled people.              
  • Raising awareness and health education in the fields of health and a better life among the members of society and the role of sports in its development.
  • Keeping up with the scientific and cognitive developments in the various sports fields (sports marketing, sports technology, professionalism).
  • Preparing graduates to complete their higher education to serve the needs of the labor market.

Upon successful completing the program, graduates shall be able to:

  • Know Arabic and English concepts and terminology associated with physical education.
  • Be familiar with the laws of various games and good conduct.
  • Articulate the role of physical education in developing mental, physical and moral qualities.
  • Link the branches of physical education, and analyze its relationship with other sciences.
  • Analyze and evaluate the skill of performance for individual and collective sports.
  • Present solutions to the physical education problems and its teaching.
  • Use basic skills of the collective games and individual sports with high fitness.
  • Analyze the different effects of the practice of physical activity on the vital body systems and organs.
  • Design and implement outlines for physical education courses, and recreational and extracurricular activities and programs for various educational stages.
  • Master scientific research skills, and methods of data collection and analysis.
  • Employ modern technologies in accessing information and integrating technologies in teacher and educational researches preparation.
  • Be accomplished in time management, decision- making, self-control, and other things as proper nutrition and first aid methods.

Graduates of  physical education bachelors shall work in relevant sectors and institutions, such as :

  • Higher council for Youth and sports.
  • Health and fitness centers and entertainment and recreation places.
  • Physical and athletic rehabilitation centers.
  • Military sport sector.
  • Sport sector for people with disabilities.
  • Teacher of physical education in schools.
  • Clubs and teams training.
  1. The student is admitted to the first year level based on his obtained average in High School General Exam, Tawjihi (or equivalent approved by MOEHE) and according to the average announced as a minimum the school of Art.
  2. Comprehensive medical examination (the efficiency of the heart to physical capabilities based on a medical report).
  3. Free of any Distortions skeleton.
  4. Passing physical abilities exam.
  5. Absorptive capacity of within the department.

The  Bachelor's degree in physical education consists of a total of  126 credit hours  distributed between university requirements , the college requirements, the specialty  courses and the General Courses, they are distributed as follows:-


Credit Hours

University requirements


College of Art requirements


Speciality requirement


Free courses