Oncology Nursing

The mission of the Master of Oncology Nursing is to prepare specialized committed nurses who are able to provide holistic and advanced nursing care for patients with cancer, and their families and communities. Our graduates will be able to pursuit various professional nursing roles as clinicians, researcher, managers, or educators.

  1. Knowledge and understanding of cancer disease biology, pathophysiology, treatment modalities, prevention and nursing care through disease continuum.
  2. Integration of intellectual, cognitive and critical thinking skills into the nursing care of cancer patients.
  3. Competency-based and skilled approach of holistic oncology nursing care (physical, psychosocial and spiritual) established on thorough evidence-based knowledge and critical thinking.
  4. Ethical attitude, professional standards and research adequacy.
  1. Competent specialized nurses equipped with advanced knowledge and skills to care for patients with cancer.
  2. Professional graduates able to think critically, apply evidence-based nursing care for patients with cancer and their families.
  3. Graduates have advanced research skills, and able to communicate within a multidisciplinary health team.
  4. Graduates able to apply professional, ethical and culturally sensitive oncology nursing care.
  1. Graduates may work in local hospitals (governmental and nongovernmental) that provide cancer care. For example, Beit Jala Hospital, Augusta Victoria Hospital.
  2. Graduates may work in health centers that provide care for cancer patients or preventive or diagnostic measures. For example; Donia Cancer Center
  3. Graduates may work in specialized hospitals for cancer care in the Arab region. For example; Al-Hussien Cancer Center in Jordan, Children Cancer Hospital in Egypt.
  4. Graduates may work as nursing educators/clinical preceptors, project coordinators, researchers/research assistants, or may continue their career pathway to earn PhD.