International Studies

IALIIS offers an interdisciplinary Master degree in International Studies. The degree is earned after the completion of studying the four fields of international history, politics, economics, and law. 

The program aims to graduate highly qualified individuals who are able to comprehend international and regional issues, trained academically to use this knowledge in the economic, legal, diplomatic or political fields in the public or private sectors in Palestine.

The program aims to develop ability, knowledge, critical and analytical skills of the student’s on subjects relating to international politics by focusing on different themes, relating to international politics from various perspectives, as well as research in academic theoretical frameworks that relate to international events and issues. This arms the student with knowledge based on academic methodology.

  • Enhance student's understanding of International Studies concepts.
  • Develop student's knowledge in subjects relating to international politics.
  • Enable the student to link between the theoretical and methodological basis of academic research and international events.
  • Develop student’s skills in research and academic writing.
  • Enhance student's analytical and critical skills.
  • Develop student's skills of debate, argument and persuasion.
  • Enhance comparison skill between international phenomena from different views (legally, politically, economically, diplomatically).
  • Assuring students have solid theoretical and methodological foundations for the future understanding international and regional politics.
  • Researchers and academics.
  • Diplomatic personnel – international / regional nature jobs in the public sector or the private sector.
Requirements for completing the program
  1. All students are to take Arabic 501 during their first semester.
  2. The completion of at least 36 credit hours distributed as follows:


First group: Courses required of all students: 9 credit hours distributed as follows:

Course No.

Course Title



Introduction to International Relations



Research methods



International Relations Theory


INST6300 and INST6311 are prerequisites for all other courses in the program.
INST6321 is to be completed among the first 15 credit hours taken in the program.


Second group: Elective courses 21 credit hours as follows:

At least 6 credit hours to be selected among the following:

Course No.

Course Title



Historical roots of political concepts



Foreign policy and international relations



Principles of international political economy



Principles of international law



A maximum of 15 credit hours to be selected among the following:

Course No.

Course Title



Transformations in the international system during the twentieth century



International relations: concepts and thinkers



Non-state entities in international politics



Globalization and international politics: a critical approach



The nature of diplomacy



Negotiations and diplomacy



Conflict resolution and international crisis management: case studies



International trade policies



International development



The future of international politics



Human rights in international politics



Humanitarian intervention



Regional studies



Palestine in international politics



Special topic



Completion of 6 hours in track A (thesis) or track B (two research seminars): Students select track A or B after the completion of 24 credit hours. Acceptance in track A is limited to those who have maintained a general average of 80% in the program. The program committee decides on acceptance based on applicants’ academic qualifications and the capacity of each track to accommodate new students. A student may change from one track to another based on the academic bylaws governing graduate studies. 

Track A: Completion of requirements for the thesis: INST8600

Track B: 1. Completion of research seminars INST8301 and INST8302

               2. Passing the general oral examination.