French Language

Following an interdisciplinary approach, the French Department offers a Minor program in French language striving to provide students with basic competencies in French according to their needs and demands. It guarantees an open-minded learning atmosphere where both cultural diversity and freethinking meet. Learning the French language - the second foreign language in Palestine after English- gives the students the privilege of better integrating the labor market.

  • Acquire linguistic competences (i.e. mastering discursive and communicative competences according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  • Encourage autonomous learning, and allowing students to gain a rich understanding of other cultures such as Francophone societies (French-speaking societies) in the purpose of creating an intercultural exchange.
  • Understand the Francophone cultures (French-speaking countries cultures) and current issues
  • Understand spoken discourse and written texts.
  • Communicate both verbally and in writing.
  • Analyze and summarize simple spoken discourses and written texts.
  • Acquire basic skills in written translation (intermediate level B1)
  • Acquire self-learning
  • Elementary French teacher.  
  • Translator (Event receptionist and assistant of activities in the French language.)
  • Language teacher assistant.
  • Foreign affairs
  • Public relations
  • Tourism
Program Requirements

Student must successfully complete a minimum of 20 credit hours of courses in French Language distributed as follows1. Core courses (17 credit hours)


2. Elective courses (3 credit hours) from the following courses list:

Course Title


FREN334​ | French Grammar I

  FREN242 or FREN224

FREN333 | French Writing I


TIFR331​| Introduction to Translation

FREN242 or FREN224

* Placement Exam is optional for students with knowledge in French Language
  1. Students with no Knowledge in French Language: FREN131 and FREN142
  2. Students with knowledge in French Language*:
    - Placement Exam equivalent to FREN131 and to FREN142
  3. Interested individuals from the outside of Birzeit University must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized University.