English Language and Literature

The Minor in English Language and Literature introduces students to the symbiosis between language, literature, and culture. It builds on advanced English language skills through select courses in linguistic theory, literary analysis, and academic writing. It complements other majors offered at Birzeit University.

  • To enhance understanding of language through linguistic and literary theories and analysis.
  • To develop reading, writing, and speaking skills in English, particularly for academic purposes.
  1. Knowledge and understanding:
    • Recognize ways that literature and language can be representative and critical of the contexts of their production.
  2.  Subject specific and practical skills:
    • Construct interpretations of texts.
    • Employ research skills necessary to locate, use, and cite sources effectively.
  3. General and transferable skills:
    • Communicate ideas and arguments orally and in writing in English.

Students from various disciplines who Minor in English Language and Literature enhance their chances of employment in their fields of specialization through the written and oral language skills gained in the Minor. The Minor complements BA degrees in other languages and literatures, as well as a variety of fields in the humanities, social sciences, and business and administration.

Minor compulsory requirements (15 credit hours)

Course No.

Course Title



Writing 1

ENGC2401 or ENGC2204    


Writing 2



English Grammar

ENGC2401 or ENGC2204    


Introduction to Literature

ENGC2401 or ENGC2204    


Interactive English

ENGL236, ENGL238


Minor elective requirements(6 credit hours)

Any courses offered by the English Language and Literature Department.