Contemporary Visual Art

The bachelor of Contemporary Visual Art is an interdisciplinary program that provides a unique learning experience for students in drawing, painting, sculpture, 3D, installation, photography, video, film, sound, performance and social intervention, in addition to historical and theoretical theories. The program will be taught by prominent visiting lecturers in the local and international fields around the world. Providing distinct and comprehensive educational experiences, different perspectives and practice of contemporary art. The theoretical studies are designed specifically for the inclusion of the Palestinian context as part of the broader critical and historical studies. The program provides the core stone for the artistic practices of students, as well as engaging them in artistic and cultural debates in local and international forums.

The objective of the program is to produce a cadre of graduates who will have the knowledge and understanding, intellectual, practical and key transferable skills to be able to pursue a professional career in the visual art and continue on to post-graduate study.  The program’s objective is provide students with a wide exposure to contemporary visual art, its methods and practices through engagement with local and international practitioners who are at the forefront of their field. The ethos of the program is to cultivate a research based approach based on the foundations of critical enquiry and accumulative experimentation, which engages with different forms of research methodologies for both the conceptual and material basis of visual art making. Students will acquire competence in a range of art mediums and advanced expertise in at least one area, supported by in-depth understanding of the art historical and critical and contemporary discourses. Our objective is to teach contemporary art in a manner that addresses the historical, theoretical and practical breadth of the field, and that engages with local knowledge, geopolitical contexts and lived realities of Palestine, in so doing our aim is that graduates will contribute to the development of cultural production. Our objective is for the education on this program to be dynamic in such that its content addresses and is relevant to the ever -evolving field of contemporary art practice.

Upon completing the program, students will have acquired:

A. Knowledge and understanding

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of the main issues informing contemporary art practice, art histories and critical theory
  2. Fundamental knowledge in art histories and visual cultural, including critical and analytical skills that enables graduates to contribute to, and challenge the critical debates that exist locally, regionally and internationally through their work and practice.
  3. An in-depth exposure to the visual art through the program via systematic engagement through various teaching environments methodologies and exchange with artists and practitioners
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of the use of medias, techniques and methods in contemporary art practice
  5. In depth contextual understanding of individual art practices, including their own work, within the field of contemporary art, in-depth practical knowledge of at least one artistic medium/ technique

B. Intellectual/Cognitive skills

  1. Demonstrate advanced proficiency in the use of at least one art medium/ technique
  2. Identify and apply relevant theoretical/cultural references to individual art practices, including the student’s own work
  3. Conduct independent artistic research and reflect critically on contemporary art practice and cultural issues
  4. Analyze, contextualize and discuss their own and colleagues work within a relevant artistic and theoretical framework
  5.  Have acquired skills of working in a dynamic, critical and interdisciplinary environment
  6.  To be able to produce work of professional standard and be able to exhibit their work in museums, galleries and non-profit spaces, locally, regionally and internationally.


C. Subject Specific and Practical Skills

  1. Be able to demonstrate a creative, individual research based approach in the choice and realization of their artistic practice
  2. Be able to push the boundaries of materials, forms and ideas through research and innovative experimental approaches to art making
  3.  Be able to use a range of technical, creative and research skills with confidence and in a way appropriate to the realization and development of their creative practice on a professional level
  4. Be able to conceptualize and find innovative solutions in the production and presentation of visual art
  5. Be able to contribute to shaping the discourse on art through participation in local, regional international levels through different platforms such as publications, exhibitions, conferences, curation and education


D. General and Transferable Skills

  1. Have the competence to plan, manage and realize art projects independently and have the capacity to competently conceptualize intended outcomes
  2. Be capable of independently recognizing and resolving practical and theoretical problems in creative  practice 
  3. Be able to demonstrate a creative, individual approach in the choice and realization of their artistic ideas
  4. Be able to present their work to the public at a professional level and have acquired necessary presentation skills for their field and profession
  5. Have acquired basic professional skills to manage and advance their career in the creative fields
  6. Have acquired advanced  visual articulation skills and have acquired independent thought, creative methodologies and research skills suitable for employment in the creative industries and professional demands of contemporary art and post-graduate study

There is currently a growing cultural sector in Palestine with the need for creative practitioners and this is accompanied by a growth in institutional building in these fields. The skills, knowledge and competence students will attain in this program will enable them to work in the growing industry. There is also major development of cultural sector in the region that requires specialist study thus student graduating from the program will be able to find work locally and internationally.

In addition, these professions are often in the form of freelance work and it is evident from the current growth of private sector galleries both locally and regionally that there is significant demand for artists work and production. In the last three years, three commercial galleries alone opened in Ramallah for sale of art works.

Graduates will also be able to pursue postgraduate study in the field. The program’s quality and teaching methodologies will mean that students can go on to apply for international scholarships and study in institutions around the world.

Study Plan

The study plan consists of 135 credit hours distributed as follow:


Credit Hours

University Requirements


Fundamental Courses in the Field


Discipline and Specialization Courses


Other (Electives)




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Discipline and Specialization Courses (89 credit hours)

a. Compulsory Courses: (77 credit hours)

Course No.

Course Title



Practical Skills Studio 2

COVA141, COVA152


Practical Skills Studio 1



Visual Art Studio 1



Visual Art Studio 2

COVA141, COVA152


Practical Skills Studio 3

COVA156, COVA135


Research & Writing Principles in Art 

أو ARAB135, (ENGC2202 ENGC2204) أو ENGC2305


Practical Skills Studio 4

COVA232, COVA253


Visual Art Studio 3

COVA156, COVA135


Visual Art Studio 4

COVA232, COVA253 


Practical Training

COVA353, COVA332


Practical Skills Studio 5

COVA256, COVA245


Practical Skills Studio 6



Visual Art Studio 5



Visual Art Studio 6

COVA351, COVA330


Seminar 1



Seminar 2

COVA430, COVA451


Practical Skills Studio 7



Practical Skills Studio 8

COVA442, COVA451


Degree Show Studio 1



Degree Show Studio 2

COVA442, COVA451


c. Elective Courses: (12 credit hours)

Course No.

Course Title



The History and Principles of Cultural Production

Department Approval


Advanced Visual Skills

Department Approval


Palestinian Contemporary Art

Department Approval


Artistic Social Interventions 

Department Approval


Selected Topics in Contemporary Visual Art

Department Approval


Developmental Professional Skills

Department Approval


Advanced Practical Techniques

Department Approval


Advanced Critical Theories

Department Approval