Major History/ Minor Palestinian Archaeology

This program intends to: prepare an intellectual cadre who are equipped with practical skills and a knowledge base in the discipline of the history and the archeology of Palestine; prepare students for graduate education in history and the social sciences;  prepare students to work in the education field in either the public and private sectors, civil society institutions, or research institutions within Palestine or internationally.

The program seeks to strengthen Palestinian national identity with an understanding of the importance of Palestinian heritage and our duty in protecting it. The program also seeks to foster a sense of democratic agency built on a foundation of mutual respect and a deep sense of humanity that prevails over all else.

In addition to all of this, the program strives to help the students further develop their cultural awareness and sense of themselves as critical thinkers.

  • Prepare an intellectual cadre with specialize skills in teaching and research of high standards in the discipline of history and archeology.
  • Prepare a cadre with specialization to work in the fields of in cultural heritage and tourism.
  • Prepare our graduates to pursue graduate level education in social sciences.
  • Build and further develop Palestinian academic intellectuals.
  • Strengthens Palestinian historical civilizational awareness.
  • Knowledge of world civilizations in general and the details in Palestine of this knowledge.
  • Knowledge of the eras and phases of world history, in general, and the Arab and Islamic world in particular.
  • Knowledge of the historical eras and phases that Palestine has experienced.
  • Acquiring writing skills in the disciplines of history and archeology.
  • Deriving historical problematics and hypotheses with knowledge of the historical arguments in the field.
  • Critical reading of historical narratives and comparing them with archeology proofs
  • Understanding historical eras in the world and analyzing the relationship between these eras.
  • Drawing a historical map of the Arab and Muslim world.
  • Understanding the relationship between the history of Palestinian civilization and that of world civilization.
  • Forming a vision for the importance of studying the history and archeology of Palestine.
  • Developing an understanding of methodology of understanding historical and archeological analysis.
  • Strengthening historical writing based on new methodologies.
  • School teachers.
  • Researchers in research institutions.
  • Employment in state ministries, government agencies, or various other institutions.
  • Employment in cultural heritage institutes, in particular in archeological institutions and museums.
  • The private sector, including the tourism industry. 
Academic Plan

120 Credit Hours


Credit Hours

University requirements


Faculty of Arts requirements


Major compulsory requirements


Major elective requirements


Free electives




Program Requirements
Major Compulsory Requirements: (36 credit hours)

Course No.

Course Title



History of Palestine since 18th century



Historical Research Methodology



Ancient Middle Eastern History



Oral History



Early Islam And The Umayyad State



History of Abbasids and the Period of Petty States



Ottoman Empire and Modern



History of the Contemporary Arab Nation

Level 3 or Department Approval


History Of Palestine During Islamic Periods

Level 3 or Department Approval


Modern and Contemporary History of Europe

Level 3 or Department Approval


Modern History Of USA

Level 3 or Department Approval


Seminar In History

Level 4

Major Elective  Requirements (6 credit hours) from other courses in History.

Admission Requirements

  1. A grade not less than 70% in the following course: HIST321
  2. Department’s approval pending intake capacity – priority is giving to students with higher scores in the courses above and where these are even, other academic criteria can be sought by the department committee.