Major Biology/ Minor Business Administration

To provide the Palestinian and the Arab society with graduates with high-quality scientific efficiency and enjoy distinct ability to the market and business facilities.

The Program endeavors to graduate pioneers who have:

  • a strong background in biological sciences and the ability to understand main business concepts and applications.
  • the ability to transform scientific problems into business solutions.
  • critical thinking and reasoning that allow them to deal innovatively with general problems to find solutions that are in line with community needs.
  • a combination of biology and business knowledge
  • The understanding of the scientific method and its applications to solve biological problems and understand basic business practices
  • Demonstration of basic biological and business concepts
  • Reading and analysis of different academic and scientific texts in various areas of biology and business
  • Development of analytical and critical thinking and its use to solve problems
  • Development of writing experimental results and analysis and oral communications
  • Development of business solutions and innovation
  • Ability to construct sound scientific arguments from different sources
  • Ability to understand and explain scientific information
  • Ability to work professionally in a business context
  • Management of medical and scientific businesses
  • Human resource management
  • Ministry of the environment
  • Power authority
  • Water authority
  • Pharmaceutical factories
  • Ministry of education
  • NGOs