To qualify students to become leaders in their future fields of work by preparing them for different careers in practical and theoretical fields for major field of physics and the science and engineering

Provides a fundamental knowledge in physics

Demonstrate advanced analytical, critical and problem solving skills and models for physical problems.

 Develop experimental skills in basic and applied research and preparation for graduate work

Learn how to communicate orally and in writing in scientific and technical setting

Demonstrate an understudying of basic physics principles

Applying mathematical concepts and methods appropriate for classical and modern physics.

Formulate and answer conceptual questions in physics

Work out quantitative problems in physics

Interpret mathematical models such as formulas, graphs, tables, and schematics

Apply appropriate mathematical concepts and models for solving problems in classical and modern physics

Estimate and check answers to problems in order to determine reasonableness, identify alternatives, and select optimal results

Construct and assemble experimental apparatuses to conduct experiments that decisively test a hypothesis

Analyze experimental results and draw reasonable conclusions from them.

Interpret experimental data to make meaningful comparisons between experiment and theory

Identify and assess sources of experimental uncertainty and error

Construct physics models to study real problems

Utilize computer programs to solve mathematical problems

Use numerical analysis techniques to solve problems

Work in the education for all academic levels

Work in radiology departments in medical centers

Work as a laboratory technician in universities.


Graduate Studies

Study Plan

The study plan consists of 128 credit hours distributed as follows:


Credit Hours

University Requirements


Faculty Requirements


Specialization Requirements


Free Elective





1. Student must successfully complete and obtain a cumulative average of 70% in PHYS111, PHYS141 and PHYS132.
2. Student must successfully complete and obtain a cumulative average of 70% in MATH1321 and MATH1411.
3. Department approval based on intake capacity