Professional Diploma in Strategy and International Communication

The Professional Strategy and International Communication Diploma program at Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies aims to strengthen the local capacities in both strategy and communication. This is done through focusing on several topics related to strategy and communication, locally and internationally, in addition to focusing on international relations and cooperation and on skills of leadership and diplomacy.

This diploma delivers training modules based on coherent theoretical foundation, yet focus on practical exercises, scenarios and activities related to communication skills. Developing such diploma in the field of international communication is of great importance in the international level due to the impact such field has upon international relations. In the Palestinian context, this diploma is highly important in order to help producing a pool of senior Palestinians equipped with communication skills in the light of the Palestinian state building process and the need to master the tools of mediation, advocacy and conflict resolution. This could be achieved through combining the fields of diplomacy and strategic and international relations with the field of international communication.

For the second consecutive year, the Insistute offers enrollment applications for the year (2017/2018). The Diploma is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. 

Quick Info

Perfect for: Public Relations employees, and those who work in the international relations and diplomatic field

Program Duration: 11 months (350 credit hours)

Program Starts in 

9 September 2017

Participants should complete 9 hours per week. The Training sessions are divided into two

The Program focuses on:

- Communication and Strategic Communication

- Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

- Planning and Strategic Thinking

- Nation Branding