The conference is expected to focus on the core problem and obstacles facing Climate and Environmental Justice in Palestine and offer ideas, suggestions, and legal strategies capable to create solid basis for the development of an efficient legal environmental system in the country.


  1. Shed light on the climate and environmental justice system in Palestine, by highlighting the role of law and its impact on practices at the national and international levels.
  2.  Provide an opportunity to learn from academics, officials, and experts about challenges that face the climate and environmental justice system in Palestine through debate, discussions, and further insights on the different expertise and perspectives.
  3. Seek general and more specific features of legislative frames and policies capable of informing and orienting decision-makers in planning for an environmental justice system in Palestine; and review different legalframes and regulations, in an analytical and critical manner, in order to identify weaknesses, shortcomings, strengths and best practices in the field of environmental justice, that can serve the Palestinian legislative reform efforts in the field.
  4. Suggest specific and applicable proposals and recommendations that will improve the effectiveness of the legal system necessary for achieving climate and environmental Justice.