The research interests of faculty members involved in graduate studies are diverse, covering the applied sciences, engineering, mathematics, education, the social sciences and humanities, business, and legal studies. Many programs maintain long-standing relations with Palestinian institutions in the public, private and non-governmental sectors. They organize training programs, workshops, conferences, and research projects in collaboration with Palestinian and international organizations active in Palestine.
The Faculty of Graduate Studies is distinguished for the interdisciplinary programs it offers. The achievements of these graduate programs in teaching and research have earned them worldwide recognition. Among these are the Master’s programs in Public and Community Health, in International Studies, in Environmental and Water Studies, in Gender and Development, and in Democracy and Human Rights. A Master’s program in Applied Statistics has also been re-introduced recently after undergoing some effective restructuring.

Examples of the achievements of these programs:
• The prominent medical journal “The Lancet” has dedicated a special issue to publishing the research results of the Institute of Community and Public Health on health conditions in Palestine.
• The International Journal of Environmental Studies invited a faculty member from the Institute for Environmental and Water Studies to be the guest editor for a special issue about the environmental and water situation in Palestine.
• The publication by the Institute of Women’s Studies of six volumes of the periodical “The Review of Women’s Studies”, one of the best academic journals in its field in the Arab World.