VLSI training

The VLSI Lab will be used by faculty members and students for research and will be used as a place where instructors and professors can offer full lab lectures as part of their classes. Faculty members can also utilize the lab for the training of internal and external students and graduates

In the future, the lab will provide training in the fields of design and implementation, analog design simulations, custom layout, and IP design. The lab will also collaborate with physics department on materials and devices.

  •  Logic design and verification
  •  VLSI design
  • System on chip
  • Design and Test
  • Low Power design
  • PLL design
  • Clock distribution and syntheses
  • Memory Design
  • GPU
  • Display Design


VLSI introduction, Basics of Chip design flow  and semiconductor roadmap

Digital logic Design I/II review

Verification concepts and Techniques

linux/variables/ VCSX/VERDI tools  

System Verilog for Design/Verification

UMV Methodology

Practical Project Design and Implementation