Our partners

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit, represented by Birzeit University, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ASAL TechnologiesExalt Technologies and ProGineer. This agreement represents joint understanding between the partners and forms the basis for collaboration on the lab.

The local industry will partner with Birzeit University to ensure:

  •  Sustainability of opportunities for those who display the required knowledge.
  •  Fulfillment of the market’s needs by the university.
  •  Availability of support training.
  •  Active participation in the management of the lab.

A leading ICT company in the Palestinian market since 2000. From its beginnings, ASAL has driven towards providing excellence in ICT solutions for a large number of local, regional and global organizations. Read More


An outsourcing company established in April, 2010 and has client in the Silicon Valley, USA. ProGineer Technologies currently counts for 30 software engineers with immediate growth plans to reach 35. ProGineer engineers are graduates of engineering schools having their majors in computer engineering or computer science fields. Over one third of them possess advanced Masters and PhD degrees and have extensive experience working for international companies.  Read More

Established in 1997, EXALT is a software development center of excellence with a culture of innovation based on openness, empowerment, and personal responsibility. EXALT spearheaded the software outsourcing industry in Palestine with customers such as Siemens, Alcatel Lucent, HP, and Cisco. The strength of the organization stems from its ability to traverse the complete development cycle thus turning a product from idea to product.