About faculty of Arts

Established in 1972 as one of the first two faculties at Birzeit University, alongside the Faculty of Science. The faculty is now the largest faculty on campus in terms of number of degree programs it offers and students’ enrollment.

The Faculty offers bachelor degree in 17 programs, and MA degree in six programs. It also offers many language courses, such as Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, and Hebrew. 

The Faculty of Arts underpins Birzeit University cultural identity through offering all obligatory university requirements that include courses in Arabic Language, English, Cultural Studies, and Physical Education. It also offers the Palestine and Arab Studies program (PAS) that targets international students, and a minor in Women’s Studies area.

Faculty members are dedicatedly interested in various research areas that include national identity, democracy education, social movements, social research and policies, demographic studies, empowerment, and psychological coping. Other research activities include violence against children, documentation of demolished villages in historic Palestine, Palestinian heritage and folklore,  water and environment pollution, natural resources management, regional and urban planning,  the Palestinian national movements, the Zionist movement, comparative literature and linguistics, and the history of Palestine.

The Faculty provides various consultation services and training programs for local community and institutions. Not only does the Faculty cooperate with government bodies in development fields and policy-making, but it also carries out various academic activities that include holding public lectures, conferences, art exhibitions, and sports events