The Training and Employment Unit

The Training and Employment Unit at the Faculty of Business and Economics was established in 1988 by a team of its Faculty members with the aim of bridging the skills-employability gap between the Faculty’s students and graduates and labor market requirements. The Unit works at strengthening the relationship with the private sector to enable students to apply the skills they have acquired during the course of their studies and link their theoretical knowledge to real life situations, which facilitates their integration into the labor market.

The Training & Employment Unit offers a comprehensive set of services and opportunities that will enable students to develop much needed skills required by the labor market to increase their chances of employment; particularly in jobs that match their skills and specializations after graduation.  The Unit has developed a database for graduates in order to match their skills and specializations with the needs of the various private sector institutions. In this respect, the Unit organizes lectures, seminars and workshops in cooperation with field experts to help students obtain job skills and develop effective communication. The Training and Employment Unit also organizes and holds annual Career Day events.

To facilitate career opportunities, the Training & Employment Unit communicates with private sector institutions on a consistent basis to obtain information about their job vacancies and requirements. These efforts are invested towards providing jobs for both eligible students graduates alike. The Unit also consults with the private sector regarding the Faculty’s course syllabi to ensure that classroom content will equip students with skills and tools necessary for them to compete in the labor market.

The vision:

To set an example in preparing the Faculty’s graduates to integrate and succeed in the workplace, and to manage their own business.


To bridge the graduates’ skills-employability gap and offer  graduates adequate opportunities to find suitable jobs in a competent and effective manner, as part of fulfilling the overall mission of Birzeit University which transcends academic preparation to career readiness through job skills training. The aim is to familiarize students with the workplace and enrich their CVs, through paid internships and training.

  • Offering internships, full time and part-time jobs to students and graduates.
  • Providing graduates and students with adequate information about job and training opportunities.
  • Issuing training certificates to students
  • Providing training opportunities to students who enroll in the practical training elective course: which requires 200 training hours during the course of the semester supervised by a faculty member in the fields of business, marketing, finance, accounting and economics. This course enables students to apply the various concepts, theories and tools learned to real-life situations in a formal workplace environment, which strengthens their abilities and enriches their career portfolio.
  • Organizing work readiness lectures and workshops.
  • Coordinating with various private sector institutions to employ the largest possible number of the Faculty’s graduates
  • Coordinating with various institutions to provide internships and training opportunities to students within numerous training programs established and managed by these institutions.
  • Coaching, which provides information and guidance in preparing resumes and getting ready for recruitment and workplace success
  • Organizing the Career Day on a yearly basis whereby private sector institutions and firms are invited to conduct work interviews with prospective graduates with the aim to find suitable candidates for their vacant posts. The Unit cooperated with the Alumni and Career Services Office to hold the 21st Career Week for Birzeit University between 9/5/2016-14/5/2016, where graduating students from all specializations throughout the University participated.