Cooperative Education Program

The Cooperative Education Program was established in 2012-2013. The Faculty of Business and Economics aims to bridge the gap over a longer period of time focusing on students that have completed their second year or at least 60 credit hours, and are in good academic standing, by placing qualified students in partnering companies for extended periods of time.  The program allows the student to be a full time employee for an entire semester, allowing him/her to focus on the work environment, while earning credit hours in the process. 

A great way to summarize this is as follows:

  • Three semesters of full time placement in a partner company
  • Six credit hours earned
  • Earn a full time salary during the placement semesters
  • Obtain valid work experience in related fields (10 months to one year)

The Benefits of the Cooperative Education Program for Students:

  • Providing the student with a comprehensive overview of the specialization topics.  
  •  Introducing students to the basics of the work environment such as drafting letters, conducting interviews, preparing CV’s, learning employment laws and  discovering  the needs of the market place.
  • Acquiring practical experience where students can get a clearer understanding of the nature of work and eventually bridge the gap between classroom theory and practice.
  • Receiving a source of income and building strong relationships with professionals in the field.
  • Enhancing students’ self -confidence and employability opportunities.