Scientific Research

A cornerstone of any university, scientific research is a priority area in general and particularly as it relates to the fields of business and economics.  A pipeline stemming from undergraduate and graduate courses in addition to staff interests will successfully benefit from as well as add value to BERC.

The BZU BERC will engage in research in the various areas prioritized by the Faculty. This includes enhancing entrepreneurship, business efficiency, strengthening of the productive sectors’ capacity and economic development of local communities.

The BZU BERC has already started to work on a research project involving book reviews on the issue of development within Palestine. These reviews will be published in specialized peer-reviewed journals. 

Several meetings were conducted at BZU BERC following workshops held at various partner European universities. These universities include the University of Almeria – Spain, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, University of L’aquila in Italy.

These workshops focused on disseminating research tool and techniques learned at these workshops to colleagues at the Faculty as well as discussion of how to integrate these techniques in the mechanisms of teaching.