Research Team

Faculty researchers, along with students, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, will combine their collective efforts across a number of disciplines within the business and economic world, as well as beyond.  Researchers from outside the Faculty and Birzeit University are also key to this element so as to make any and all research efforts applicable and as generalizable as possible.  

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 Grace Khoury

 Global Women Entrepreneurship Policy (WEP) Research Group 




Suhail Sultan, Wojdan Farraj, and Grace Khoury

 Challenges to the Formalization of Palestinian Female-Owned Home-Based Businesses".

 In Women Entrepreneurship and the Myth of ‘Underperformance’. Expected to be published in 2018 by Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.


Samia Al-Botmeh

 Paper on Women in the Palestinian Economy



Grace Khoury, Mira ElFar, and Elena Khoury


 Learning and Internationalization of Palestinian Pharmaceutical Companies



Grace Khoury, Hind Muhtaseb and George Tovstiga

 Performance Measurement at the Palestinian Stone Industry



Beverley McNally, Grace Khoury and Nadeen Nabulsi

 Business Students Skill Gaps



Muniece Elfar and Grace Khoury

 Women Financial Inclusion in Palestine



Anton Sabella, Mira ElFar, and Amal Nazzal

 The Role of Higher Education if Palestine

 This research explores the role of higher education in Palestine, the curriculum, the educators’ roles, and the students’ social and national awareness.


Amal Nazzal

 The Role of Digital Ethnography in Social Activism in Palestine

 This research explores a new online methodological approach ‘digital ethnographic’ and its implications to better understand the Palestinian online and offline activism.


Grace Khoury and Beverly McNally

 Leveraging Micro-level Support Factors to Overcome Macro-level Challenges: Palestinian and Saudi Arabian Female Entrepreneurs

 In Women's Entrepreneurship: Going beyond the Gender-Neutral Approach.


 Expected to be published in 2018 by Routledge – Taylor & Francis Publishing


Leila Amer and Grace Khoury

 Knowledge Management and the Learning Organization