Programmatic Framework

The student learning journey is institutionalized at Birzeit University in the form of a co-curricular program. It is expected from each undergraduate student to go through and complete this 3-year journey. The journey consists of six main learning stations, each delivered through 21 face-to-face hours for each station; 3-hour sessions every other week and articulated through community-based activities. Each student, therefore, goes through two learning stations every academic year (one per semester) with the exception of the last learning station which lasts for one whole year.  Even though the learning stations are zero-credit-hour training courses, still, students are expected to go through each training course and fulfil all their requirements.

For each station, students are eligible to receive a badge indicating that the participant has attended and has actively participated in the training sessions, as well as has completed all the work and due diligence for the station.

At the end of the 3-year journey, students are eligible to receive the program’s certificate indicating the number of badges collected.