UNLOCK's Key Features

  • Each level (covered in 2 courses) comprise of 2 books: the first on Reading and Writing Skills & Listening and Speaking Skills
  • Focused attention is granted to the content, knowledge demonstration, multimodal Instruction, critical thinking (brainstorming, categorizing, evaluative and analytical tasks), and assessment.
  • Language development sections provide vocabulary and grammar building tasks that are further practiced in the online.
  • There is glossary and end-of-unit wordlists provide definitions, CEFR levels and handy summaries of all key vocabulary.
  • The critical thinking sections are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy as learners engage in evaluative and analytical tasks.
  • The ability to track learner progress: Blogs, forums and other tools are also available to facilitate communication between students and teachers.
  • Online workbooks are accessed via activation codes packaged with the Student’s books. These workbooks provide interactive exercises, games, tasks, and further practice of the language and skills from the Student’s books in the Cambridge LMS, an engaging and modern learning environment.