The Right to Education Campaign

The systematic obstruction of Palestinian education in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by the illegal Israeli occupation not only violates the human rights of individuals, it is an attack on the development of Palestinian society as a whole.

Frequent closures of cities, hundreds of military roadblocks and the construction of the illegal Wall prevent thousands of students and teachers from reaching their schools and universities. Students are regularly subjected to intimidation, assault and arbitrary arrest by Israeli soldiers. Universities and schools have been closed down, raided and attacked by military order.

The right to education is a fundamental human right and basic to human freedom. If peace is sought, then freedom, justice, education and development are necessary. It is the responsibility of governments, organizations and ordinary people to defend the universal right to education and to demand its realization.

Founded in 1988 at Birzeit University with the provision of legal assistance to students and teachers who were arrested for carrying books and attending classes in homes and community centers when all Palestinian universities were closed by Israeli military order.  Since then, the Campaign has sought to expose the systematic obstruction of Palestinian higher education in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Right to Education Campaign seeks to develop and build capacity of students’ human rights awareness levels and support research and human rights monitoring at all universities involved.

  • To document, research and raise awareness of the issues facing Palestinian education under Israeli military occupation.
  • To build an international campaign in support of Palestinian students, teachers and educational institutions
  • To oppose the illegal Israeli occupation and its attacks on Palestinian education, demanding the right to education and unimpeded access for all Palestinians to their educational institutions.

The Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University calls on trade unions, Education institutions, social and political movements and concerned individuals around the world to support the Right to Education in Palestine:

  • Affiliate to the Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University through your union or organization.
  • Raise awareness within your constituency about the issues facing Palestinian education, students and teachers under Israeli military occupation.
  • Support the Right to Education Campaign’s calls for international action against violations of the human right to education in the occupied Palestinian Territory.
  • Lobby your government to pressure the government of Israel to adhere to its legal obligations to end attacks on civilian infrastructure and to allow unimpeded access for all Palestinians to their educational institutions.
  • Establish connections with Palestinian universities, students and faculty, through solidarity links or academic exchange.