A Series of Seminars about the Digital World

The Continuing Educational Unit organizes a series of seminars which aim at spreading awareness and information about the digital world and digital transformation. These seminars are organized in order to entice and excite entrepreneurs, those who are creative and those who take initiative, to open their eyes upon the unlimited opportunities in the digital world. And the consequences that fall upon companies, institutions and individuals who fail to engage in this digital transformation on time. These seminars also explain the importance of providing a suitable environment and the needed skills in order to achieve fair development and security.

Financial Technology (First meeting):

What do you need to know now? How will you adapt to this new reality? 
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Data and Health: 

Do we have sufficient and suitable data that will aid us in dealing with COVID-19 and its repercussions on all aspects of life? 

Financial Technology (Second meeting):

“Do we have a suitable legislative and administrative environment that will encourage financial innovation and aid banks’ financial capabilities in the name of filling an important gap in financial services and financial inclusion?” To watch the seminar (click here)

Cyber Safety: 

Digital safety and distance learning..
What is the role of family members and teachers in protecting our children? 
The seminar will be via Zoom on the 11th of November 2020 To register .
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How will our students’ world look like in 2035? Are they prepared for it? 

What is this world? And what are the foreseen changes? Are our students going to be prepared for this new world? 
The meeting will be via Zoom on the 26th of January 2021. 
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