Remembering the Nakba 1948

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Al Nakba that uprooted around 700,000 Palestinians from their homes and confiscating more than 80% from historical Palestine. The anniversary comes amid rising tensions in the occupied Palestinian territories, as the US administration publicly retracted from its role as a peace-broker and announced its decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, thereby unilaterally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. ​

In light of such a move, weekly peaceful “Great Return” marches started on Land Day, March 30, in Gaza near the border with the Israeli Occupation. The peaceful protests and chants were met with gun fire and sniper bullets, which took the lives of 49 Palestinians as of May 14, 2018. 

The Nakba by the numbers

-          Between 750,000 and one million : The number of Palestinians expelled and made refugees by Zionist paramilitaries, and subsequently Israeli forces, during Israel’s creation in 1947-49.

-          At least two dozen: The number of massacres of Palestinian civilians by Zionist and Israeli forces, which played a crucial role in spurring the mass flight of Palestinians from their homes.

-          More than 400: The number of Palestinian cities and towns systematically destroyed by Israeli forces or repopulated with Jews between 1948 and 1950. Most Palestinian population centers, including homes, businesses, houses of worship, and vibrant urban centers, were demolished to prevent the return of their Palestinian owners, now refugees outside of Israel's pre-1967 borders, or internally displaced inside of them.

(Source Insitute for Middle East Understanding)