About the observatory

Michel and Sanieh Hakim Observatory was established with a generous donation from Ramez Hakim to commemorate the memory of his parents, on September 2015. Since then, the observatory has become a unique venue combining astronomical observation, research, teaching and outreach.

It hosted visitors from inside and outside the university to observe and monitor celestial bodies, such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the sun and the moon, in special events and public telescope nights. The university organized a number of lectures, featuring world’s best astrophysicists and researchers, to gain more astrological knowledge, and find new ways to understand the world.

An observatory is more than simply a telescope or an ensemble of telescopes that provide observing opportunities for astronomers, scientists and researchers. An observatory organize and mobilize a range of multidisciplinary skills for achieving a coherent capability that is crucial to modern observational astrophysics through using special specialized astronomical instruments and up to date telescopes.

A variety of tools are available inside the Micheal and Sanieh Hakim Observatory.  It contains the most professional and advanced telescope in Palestine, which is the 16- inches telescope. The observatory also includes:

  • An electronic 8-inches telescope
  • A manual 6-inches telescope
  • A solar telescope- used to observe the sun
  • Filters and lenses
  • A specialized astronomical camera
  • Spectroscop

Michel and Hakim Sanieh Observatory welcomes international and local visitors during the university’s working days. The observatory regularly organizes public telescope and star nights to offer the chance for school and university students, as well as external visitors to come and observe the night sky through the most advanced telescopes in Palestine, and learn some astronomy as well.