World Bank, Quality Improvement Fund representatives positively evaluate projects

In the framework of their support to the Enhanced Employment of Mechanical Engineering Graduates and Rural Tourism projects, an expert group from the World Bank and the Quality Improvement Fund at the Ministry of Higher Education, visited Birzeit University to evaluate the learning outcomes of the projects.

The Director of the Rural Tourism Project, Professor Hamed Salem, and the Director of the Enhanced Employment of Mechanical Engineering Graduates project, Professor Afif Hasan, gave a presentation on the progress and learning outcomes of the two projects.

The two teams and professors also explored the competencies and employment opportunities that Birzeit’s graduates, especially engineers, enjoy.   The visiting teams also met with a group of students who benefited from the projects and who provided feedback for improvement in projects’ outcomes.

The Director of the Office of Grants and Contracts, Dr. Amir Khalil, talked about the solid relationship that Birzeit University has with the World Bank. “The World Bank has always been a great supporter of our academic mission and development. It has financed a number of initiatives, especially those that foster ties with local enterprises.”