Workshop on Student Attitudes toward Integration of Special Needs Students - News

26 September 2011, the
Counseling Section at Student Affairs, in
collaboration with the
Community-Based Rehabilitation Program (CBR),
held a workshop titled, "Monitoring Students' Attitudes toward
the Integration of Students with
Special Needs."

workshop responded to a survey conducted
on 500 students from various levels and
disciplines at BZU. The results showed that 80%
of students believe that the integration
process is a right of students with special
needs, and 70% of the
respondents stated that integration reduces the
negative stereotypes of and prejudices against students
with special needs in the
university community.

The participants noted the importance of
promoting integration in the university community and its social and academic
application to allow students with special needs to pursue their education
equal to their peers. The students also recommended more workshops and lectures
to promote positive attitudes toward integration and to introduce the concepts
of disability into the curricula and courses offered by Palestinian
universities. Moreover, they emphasized the importance of support services to meet
the needs of university students with special needs.

Counselor Ms. Muna Muhtaseb stressed the importance
of this workshop in positively shaping student attitudes towards
integration, in its psychological, social and academic

Ms. Nawal al-Qadi
from the Community Rehabilitation Center pointed out that rehabilitation in
the local community is rooted in an investment
in resources and local services. It is
thus important that those with special needs have access to
these resources and services.