Workshop lays the groundwork for restructuring the Finance Department

The Office of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs at Birzeit University, in cooperation with Ernst & Young, organized a workshop on reorganizing the Finance Department on February 28, 2018.

The workshop, entitled A Restructuring of the Finance Department and Presentation of the New Job Description, was attended by Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Rania Jaber, Chief Financial Officer Harbi Daraghma, and staff from the Finance Department.

The workshop reviewed the new organizational structure of the department and the job descriptions of its staff. Attendees discussed new mechanisms and initiatives to be implemented in the Finance Department.

“The workshop is part of an agreement signed with the external consultants, Ernst & Young, in which a restructuring of the Finance Department will be proposed,” said Jaber. “We will begin with identifying issues, problems, and needs, then proceed with the restructuring. The workshop will also include discussions on the job descriptions of positions within the department, as new units are being established.”

The next phase, added Jaber, will establish a Policies and Procedures Guideline and train employees in accordance with the requirements of the new positions. Each phase of the plan will include workshops and training sessions that match the needs of the new positions.