Workshop on integrating students with disabilities in Palestinian universities

The participants recommended the need to develop strategies through which the reality of people with disabilities and how they encounter the challenges can be discovered, being a social responsibility of everyone and not limited to a specific group,

This came during a workshop held by the Counseling Section at the Deanship of Student Affairs - Birzeit University on 8 February 2011, entitled: "Towards a contemporary future vision to integrate students with disabilities in Palestinian universities: reality and challenges."

The workshop was opened by the Acting Dean of Student Affairs,. Mohammed Al-Ahmed, who stressed the need to help students with special needs to overcome the obstacles they face and be equal to  other students,

The Chairman of the Committee of Special Needs Dr. Azem Assaf, stated that BZU is in line with the changes and has taken into consideration the interests of people with special needs, especially those with visual and motor impairment, so that they can engage in the academic life . Consequently, BZU has established a Committee for people with special needs to deal with their affairs.